The First man who introduced math exposition in India | The first man who collected Ramanujan's original letters and memorabilia | The first man who opened Ramanujan Museum in the world | The first man who created and introduced a Math Lab and Math Clubs in India | The first man who introduced Ramanujan's works to School Students | The first man who invented and created Math kits for School Children | The first man who introduced Low Cost Teaching Methods in Mathematics | The first man who introduced Culturalizaton of Mathematics in School and College levels

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List of books he authored:


1.   Number Fun with a Calendar
2.   Romping in Number land
3.   Math Quiz Round 2000
4.   How to promote creativity in learning mathematics
5.   Game way Math
6.   Harvesting Magic squares
7.   Mathematics and Magic Squares
8.   Date Magic Squares
9.   Every Child’s Modern Pictorial Book of BASIC TABLES
10. Innovative Strategy in teaching school mathematics – primary
11. Introduction to Creativity of Ramanujan – Primary
12. Introduction to Creativity of Ramanujan – Middle
13. Introduction to Creativity of Ramanujan – High
14. Allied’s Primary mathematics I Std. to V Std.
15. Why Math Club?
16. Why Math Lab?
17. Instructional Guide to teaching school mathematics
18. Strategies on Innovative teaching techniques
19. Instructional guide to teachers


1. Palli Manavargalukku MaaMedhai Ramanujan
2. Gana vazhi Kanakku
3. Viyappoottum En Kolangal – Thani vagai
4. Viyappoottum En Kolangal – Podhu vagai
5. Viyappoottum En Kolangal – Sirappu vagai
6. Vilayaattu Kanakku
7. Vaipaadum Vaikkanakkum
8. Kuriyeedugalin Kutti Varalaaru
9. Ungal Kuzhandayai Kanakku Chutti Aakkungal!
10. Pudu Yuga Pada Vaippaadu
11. Kanindha Vazhvinorku Kalippoottum Kanakku

Books Edited

1. Mathetic Muse
2. Junior Mathematician
3. Math Text books for Orient Longman, Allied Publishers etc

The Failed Recognition - "Math Teacher whose Calculations went Wrong" -  Download PDF

PK Srinivasan