The First man who introduced math exposition in India | The first man who collected Ramanujan's original letters and memorabilia | The first man who opened Ramanujan Museum in the world | The first man who created and introduced a Math Lab and Math Clubs in India | The first man who introduced Ramanujan's works to School Students | The first man who invented and created Math kits for School Children | The first man who introduced Low Cost Teaching Methods in Mathematics | The first man who introduced Culturalizaton of Mathematics in School and College levels

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The objective of the Ramanujan Museum is to inspire the rising generation and motivate the mathematically gifted youngsters to pursue mathematical career. There is the illustrations example to emulate in the life of Prof. Selberg the mathematician, who has blossomed into one of the leading number theorists and field Medalists after going through Ramanujan’s works presented by his father when he was a school student. Keeping this in mind, Math Education centre as an adjunct to the Museum offers assistance to educators, educationists and parents in knowing how to identify mathematically gifted children and cater to their special needs. There are also special programmers for low achievers. We want to set up a cadre of well briefed resource persons from retired teachers in the age group 60 to 65 to work for this mission.

  • Founded Ramanujan Memorial Foundation in the year 1968, but couldn’t succeed in giving a shape to his plans through this Foundation.
  • The missionary zeal with which he ran the club – “Muthialpet High School Number Friends Society Old Boys Committee” (MHSNFSOBC) – was instrumental in bringing out 2 volume editions on Ramanujan.
  • Accomplished establishing a “Ramunujan Museum” in Avvai Kalai Kazhagam, the first of its kind in India, which he thought would propagate the need for a larger Museum set-up

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