The First man who introduced math exposition in India | The first man who collected Ramanujan's original letters and memorabilia | The first man who opened Ramanujan Museum in the world | The first man who created and introduced a Math Lab and Math Clubs in India | The first man who introduced Ramanujan's works to School Students | The first man who invented and created Math kits for School Children | The first man who introduced Low Cost Teaching Methods in Mathematics | The first man who introduced Culturalizaton of Mathematics in School and College levels

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P.K. Srinivasan (November 4, 1924-June 20, 2005) was a well known mathematics teacher in India, and taught mathematics at the Muthialpet High School in Chennai, India until his retirement. He is known in India for his dedication to teaching mathematics and in creating awareness of the Indian mathematician Ramanujan.

PK Srinivasan